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Mission and Corporate Values 

Lviv Municipal Enterprise "Lev" is a veterinary and sterilization center for animals. Our tasks: to reduce the number of stray dogs and cats on the streets of the city, to assure safe coexistence of stray animals and the city residents, to increase the responsibility of the pet owners and to promote humane treatment of animals.

Our mission: safety to Lviv residents, protection to animals.

We use the experience of Europe, as well as our own model of homeless animals population management.

How that works? The team of catchers captures stray dogs on the streets of the city and delivers them to the reception ward, where dogs are being vaccinated with the complex vaccine against infections, treated against fleas, ticks, intestinal worms and kept in quarantine for five days. If some disease is detected in a dog the, it is treated first and then sterilized. Each dog is vaccinated against rabies, leptospirosis, distemper, enteritis and other infectious diseases. Complex vaccination of stray dogs was implemented by the Lviv Municipal Enterprise "Lev" for the first time. This prevents the spread of infections among humans and animals.

If finding a home for a dog did not succeed within 21 days of the dog's staying in the LME "Lev", provided that it is healthy and non-aggressive, the dog is implanted a chip and returned to the outdoor location where an animal was found under the supervision of caregivers. All relevant information is entered to the database http://animal-id.info. Such dogs have a clip in one ear, which means that this dog underwent the whole complex of the above-mentioned procedures and the data about this animal is kept in an electronic database. Such dogs do not breed anymore and do not spread infections.

Stray cats living in entranceways and basements are captured by the residents, who bring animals to the enterprise by themselves. Cats are staying in the LME "Lev" for at least five days – two days prior to sterilization and three days after. If during this period the animal has not been adopted by a new family, the people who brought it to us shall return it to the usual habitat.

Today there is no municipal shelter in Lviv for long-term maintenance of dogs and cats, whereas it is extremely dangerous to return recently sterilized animals in the harsh conditions of the street without any care. Therefore, the employees of the LME "Lev" are actively promoting the adoption of their fosterlings into new homes with the help of mass media and our own Adoption Portal http://lkplev.com/site/take-care