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Projects 2015-2017


Project on Dog Rescue Service is implemented in 2016


Emergency aid to animals involved in road traffic accident, injured, requiring urgent treatment. This project is being implemented in cooperation with the police. Veterinary clinic of LME "Lev", which soon will receive patients twenty-four hours a day, provides any required aid to animals.



Project of registration of pet animals is implemented in 2016


Activities of LME "Lev" go beyond the issue of stray dogs. Starting from September 2016, a mandatory registration of owned dogs and optional registration of owned cats is being conducted in Lviv by LME "Lev" and partner veterinary clinics. Registration of owned animals is one more step towards increasing of responsibility of Lviv residents, implementation of penalty system for pets abandoning and violation of animal care rules, as well as for abusive handling. Each registered animal shall wear a dog tag with QR-code linking to all important information posted in electronic database at http://animal-id.info. A dog tag is an evidence that an animal is owned, registered, vaccinated against rabies and that it does not pose a danger for the wider public.  Moreover, it is much easier to return registered dog home if it got lost. 

Project on the Adoption Center development is implemented in 2017


When a human domesticated a dog, a human took over the responsibility for it. Stray animals we see in the streets are not wild, they didn't come to us from a forest. They didn't even fall from the sky. All of them are either abandoned or lost. It is a consequence of irresponsibility or negligence of a human. These animals shall be rehomed. Taking care of homeless animals is the main activity of LME "Lev". With this purpose the modern Adoption Center was built in 2017. Its employees work exclusively on rehoming of homeless animals. This Center became an advertising space, promoting the idea to shelter homeless animals towards making this concept usual for society. This Center keeps the database of all homeless animals in Lviv – those being captured by LME "Lev" and those staying in "Myloserdya" shelter, mini-shelters and private kennels.
We believe that a dog belongs to a family.



Educational initiatives are implemented in 2017


LME "Lev" together with friends and partners continues to implement educational course "The Little Prince. Lviv, which Loves Animals". "Kormotech" company and Lviv Educational and Methodological Center initiated this project aiming to implement the lessons of humane treatment of animals in schools to teach pupils responsibility for our four-legged friends. The project is implemented with the participation of NGO "Academy of Humane Education". Within the framework of the pilot project, 4 theoretical lessons and one practical training at LME "Lev" were conducted for pupils of the 7th forms in Lviv schools. During the practical training, children learned how our enterprise works, how it helps animals and what each of them can do to prevent the appearance of stray dogs and cats in our city. Starting from 2017, this project was implemented in all schools of Lviv and it was included into an educational program for the pupils of 7th forms within biology course.  


Caregivers network is established in 2015


Here we see a unique approach of Lviv, when the citizens actively cooperate with the city towards solving the issue of municipal animals. Since not every neutered dog is adopted, some of them are returned to original location. But we try to return neutered and healthy dogs to the streets under the supervision of caregivers. We sign relevant agreements with all of them. Our caregivers undertakes to check for stray dogs availability in the assigned area, which were not captured by LME "Lev" before, are not registered in our database, are not neutered and vaccinated. Our caregivers also take care of returned animals, feed them, monitor their health condition.
Caregivers also help us to resolve conflicts with citizens and assist in dog adoption.
These people are kind of agents of LME "Lev" in all corners of the city.