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Non - governmental organization “International Registration Systems” (NGO “IRS”) offers the Internet users to use their website and services on conditions set forth in this agreement.

Agreeing with this offer, You made with Non - governmental organisation “International Registration Systems” an Agreement, which determines the rights, obligations and guarantees of the parties, and also the rules which are required for implementation while using the website and service on the website of the Performer. The Agreement is considered to be confined from the very moment when the User accept its conditions. The acception of the conditions can prove the fact that the user signed up on the website https://animal-id.info.

When the User doesn`t agree with any  positions in this Agreement,he can refuse from making the Agreement and not to sign up on the website.


Non - governmental organization “ International Registration Systems” (Not-for-profit Registration No:37599751), according to the article 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, publicly offers to the uncertain circle of people an opportunity to use the informational resource through the Internet, and publishes this Agreement about the following:

The Executor: Non-governmental organization “International Registration Systems”, president Kopach Viktor Petrovych, which acts according to the Regulations.

The User: physical person with full civil capability, legal person, association of citizens without legal person, who applied according to the established order of this Agreement  to the Executor in order to use the informational resource, and signed up on the website  https://animal-id.info, according to the articles 634, 641 of the Civil Code of Ukraine (further - User), made this agreement ( further - Agreement) about the following :


An accession agreement (public offer) — a proposal to make a public agreement between User and Executor, which determines their mutual rights and obligations as for the usage of “Animal-id.info” service, as for the registration, accounting and getting the data about animals through the Internet, and also it establishes the rules, which are required  for implementation while using the website and Service. Acception — full and unconditional consent of the User with all items in this Agreement, on conditions, determined by the public offer, and the amendments to it ( if they are) without warnings and exceptions. The Acception of this Agreement is considered to be the fact of signing up the User on the Website - creating personal cabinet (further – online-cabinet)

ID-number – the set of numbers and letters (15-number code), which forms a unique animal registration number in the Service. ID-number is creating self-dependently by the information system with using the automatic algorithm and is unique for every user. Every user gets the ID-number while registration on the Website on conditionals of this agreement. ID-number is written on the stickers on the box of transponder (microchip), and also is displayed on the device screen, which is scanning QR-code of the transponder (microchip).  The usage of  the ID-number is carrying out according to the conditions of this Agreement.

Online-cabinet of the pet owner – a unique web-interface, which is created by the User on the Website, contains the User`s  unique identification data, can also contain: the information about the owner`s pets, personal User`s data, contact information about the User. Online-cabinet of the pet owner –  the electronic interface of access to the  Services on the Website, access to which the User has with the help of personal access identificators ( Login, Password). All information which is in the online-cabinet of the pet owner is there according to the  User`s  personal will\ desire on conditions of this Agreement. The User according to his wish, using the interfaces of the Website, can make the information about his cabinet open to the public on conditions of this agreement. Password and e-mail remain confidential anyway. If the User didn`t tune in the publicity of his online-cabinet by himself , in that case the cabinet is closed\only private and the access to it has only the User. Passport data is available for the User, the Vet, if the registration in the Service is made during visiting the Vet, who received an access to the information on conditions of this agreement or the vet clinic staff  (legal relationships, in particular in the aspect of the data base, with the vet clinic the Performer regulates by himself).

Website – web-portal on the Internet, which is available on the link  https://animal-id.info, and is a part of using the Service.

Service – the project of the Executor, which includes: national and local data bases of the identified animals, international services of looking for the lost animals, the service of adoption the homeless animals. Realization of the project is made through the using of the Website Tools.

Website tools - the set of  Website functional opportunities, which are designed for the User`s usage, including all the means, applications  and the Website content. Except Website Tools the Service also includes: information interface for the citie`s municipals which aims at making identification of animals in the cities; online-cabinet of the pet owners; online cabinets for the vets,breeding nurseries, cynological clubs, non-governmental organizations and utility enterprises. The aim of this project is to provide all people and organisations, which work in the sphere of animal handling, necessary, comfortable, and up-to-date tools for keeping records of animals with the usage of Web resources.

Database - a set of data about animals which are on the Website. Data base includes : informational interface for the citie`s municipals (Web resource, due to which local authorities identify animals; legal relationships as for municipal`s web resources  the Performer and the local authorities agreed by themselves. Conditions of this agreement spread on municipal`s web resources, as the derived web - pages from the Service, only in that part, which is not regulated by a separate agreement; enterprises which carry out an activity connected with the work with animals – these databases are formed on the basis of that data, which give the users on conditions of this Agreement, without the Executor`s interfering in the essence of the information. The Executor  accumulates, gathers and works out such data for his own aims (Statistics, analytics, research, monitoring), but does not interfere in the essence of created information, just in cases, which are determined by this agreement.

Synchronization with EuroPetNet – exchange data about animals  who occured in the database, with the biggest international association (international non-governmental organization)of the database about animals.  The regulation of working out and using data about animals and also the owner`s personal data can be found on this link https://www.europetnet.com/.

From the moment when the  data, which the Performer got on conditions of this agreement appear in EuroPetNet , the legal relationships between the User and EuroPetNet are regulating on the basis of the rules. https://www.europetnet.com/. All legal relationships, which appears between EuroPetNet and the User is not the responsibility of the Executor. The moment of the data transfer from the Information System to EuroPetNet is considered data synchronization with EuroPetNet. Synchronization with EuroPetNet is made within 3 working days. In legal relationships between EuroPetNet and the User the Executor stands for technical intermediary  for data transmission without interfering in the transmitting  data essence. Data which are transmitted to EuroPetNet:  animal species, ID – number, sex, in case when the animal got lost – date, when she got lost.

Monitoring of the number of homeless animals in cities – entering the data about homeless animals of the certain city, which is realized by using the mobile application.

For OS Android “Strays ID” and “Strays ID” for IOS. Data received as a result of monitoring of the number of homeless animals in cities are the part of the database and can be worked out freely by the Executor.

 Token a device for identification of animals which is produced by the Executor in order to ease the identification of animals in the cities. Design, composition and the model of the token is the intellectual property of the Executor. The aim of using the token is the identification of animal with the help of QR - code. While scanning QR-code with a mobile device on mobile screen the ID-number is highlighted.The Executor guarantees that the token which receives the User matches the information which is on this link https://animal-id.info/ua/tag/sale-tag.The token is made of stainless steel with polymeric covering.The term of usage is unlimited. The procedure of getting the token:by making an irrecoverable fee on conditions of this agreement, by buying from other subjects who are determined by this Agreement. Getting the Token - payable  token passing from the Executor to the User. Amount of money which the User transfers is fully used for the statutory activity of the Executor and don`t make a profit. The procedure of getting the token:The User chooses an appropriate token model,colour and the lace size (lace size is set for the Executor`s consideration according to the standard animals` sizes,the right choice of the lace size is the personal responsibility of the User,enters date for the delivery. Delivery is made by LLC “Nova Poshta”,information about a department of LLC “Nova Poshta” is taken from the official website of LLC “Nova Poshta”. From the moment of transition to the section “payment” the Executor is not responsible for the consequences of making a defrayal. Making a payment using the payment system https://www.liqpay.com/ are the legal relationships between the User and the person who provides electronic payment service https://www.liqpay.com/. Legal relationships between the User and the person who provides electronic payment service are regulated on the basis of the agreement which can be found https://www.liqpay.com/. In case when money was credited to the User`s account by mistake, the last is obliged to inform the Executor(Support service) about the mistakes which have arisen. In that case, the Executor may make a correction of an account, about which the user will be informed. Repayment of the money, which was transferred as  an irrecoverable fee,can be made only in case they were credited by a mistake, if the User proves that mistake. Repayment of money can be made if the User within 10 banking days from the moment of making a payment turned to “Support Service” and provided a sufficient justification for the error of payment.

Application for returning money is writing by the User in an arbitrary form with an obligatory information: the reason for returning money, name of the payer (the subject of entity), not-for-profit Registration No (for legal person),or name and surname of a physical person, the registration number of the taxpayer's account card (identification number) or the series and passport number (for persons who, due to their religious beliefs, have refused to accept the registration number of the tax card's account in the established order and have a note in their passport),еhe location of the legal person or an address of the physical person and also the contact number of the recipient, recipient`s account details, an amount of payment to be returned. The Support Service processes such an Application and makes a refund within ten working days of receipt of the request for refund. The return of payments is made in the national currency to the accounts of the recipients of funds, opened in the banks, specified in the Application of the User.

The Executor  is obliged within 10 banking days from the day of receipt of funds to transfer the chosen model of token to the LLC"Nova Poshta" and pay for delivery. Since the transfer of the token to  LLC “Nova Poshta”, “Nova Poshta”LLC is responsible  for the integrity, condition and delivery terms according to the conditions of carriage.The User is obliged to come within 3 working days from the day of receipt of the notice of delivery, in his chosen department, and pick up the token.In case, if the User has not taken the token within 5 working days, the dispatch will be returned to the Executor. By written appeal of the User, the token may be re-sent without carrying out another payment of  irrecoverable fee. Written application should include: confirmation of payment, confirmation of receipt of the token in the chosen by the User department of LLC"Nova Poshta" , confirmation that the User has not received the token. Confirmations on conditions of this Agreement are: screen shots certifying payment and delivery and non receipt of the token. In this case, the return and the cost of re-delivery are paid by the User. The obligatory set of receipt is the token itself, other additional accessories are provided by the Executor at his own discretion.

Method of use: The token is intended for attachment to the animal`s neck with the help of a lace.The lace should not drag, compress, or create restrictions on animal movements.The Executor is responsible only for the quality of the token. Since the receipt of the token, the User is responsible for its use, as well as all consequences of its use.

Adoption  is an information section on the Website and a part of the Service, which provides users with information about homeless animals. The Executor receives information about homeless animals from:

Public organizations (NGOs) who care about homeless animals, independently describe and count homeless animals;

Utilities (KP) implementing the policy of local self-government in the field of accounting, reducing the number and preventive measures for homeless animals.

The essence of the information (its truthfulness, relevance, completeness) contained in the section Adoption is the responsibility of the NGO and the KP, the Executor provides a hosting platform for the information, does not interfere with the essence of the information provided and does not take any responsibility for it. If the User wants to contact the NGO and the KP, then he may contact the Executor  in accordance with the law.

Lost-Found - Information section on the Website, which contains the information created by the Users themselves on conditions  of this agreement, about the animals that have been lost or found by the Users. In the section "lost" , the right to publish information has only the direct owner of the lost animal. Any  information about non-User-owned animals should be published  in the "Lost" section.

"Found" - information about the lost animals that were found by the User and at the moment of publishing  the information are with him.
Publishing information by the User about animals that are not with the  User, irrelevant, false, photos of this animal is strictly forbidden.
If the fact of the publishing  false information is discovered, it will be deleted.

The information published in the Lost-Found section may not be used by the User for the purpose of gaining profit or commercial gain, in particular, it is prohibited to publish information about the sale of animals in the form of "lost" or "found" or to claim reimbursement for the return of the lost animal.

The section"Information"- is a set of data published by the Executor exclusively for information purposes. The content, essence and form of information are published by the Executor at his own discretion. Any data and conditions in the "Information" section do not impose any obligations on the User and are not obligatory for doing.

The section "Pharmacies"- is an information page on the Website, which contains information on veterinary pharmacy establishments in Ukraine. Information in this section is provided by authorized representatives of legal persons  selling veterinary medicines  on their own. Information about the Pharmacy can not contain promotional and commercial materials for selling or advertising veterinary medicines.On condition,if the violation is detected, the Executor is obliged to delete such information within 10 working days after receiving notification of such violation.

Transponder (microchip) - a product aims at animal identification, contains a unique registration number and brief information on the subject of the transponder issue. Types of transponders: a microchip that meets the ISO standard for all manufacturers, an ear clip for homeless animals. If the User's animal has a transponder that is not in the Executor's database, the User may file a written application in the order established by this Agreement in order to include his animal in the database of identified animals.

Project Assistance  - is an interface on the Executor's Site, which is used for transferring funds in non-cash form, which is an irrecoverable fee, which is transferred by the User to the Executor for the implementation of the statutory activities of the Executor.The funds received, the Executor uses  for  his statutory activities: supporting the functioning of the Service, development and improvement of the Website, assistance to homeless animals, etc. The Executor is a non-profit organization, the decision to include it in the register of non-profit organizations No. 614/37599751 dated May 30, 2011.

Data on geolocation - information about the location of the User's mobile device at the moment of scanning the QR code from the token.This information becomes available to the Executor at the moment of scanning the QR code from the token by the User's mobile device by determining the place where the scanning was made.Geolocation data may become available to the Executor after opening it by the User by allowing in the interface to "allow geolocation data to be obtained"; If in this interface the User does not confirm his / her own agreement  to the opening of geolocation data, the Executor will not receive such data. Information becomes available to the Executor for the purpose of analyzing the geographical location of animals in the city. It may be processed, stored, transferred to third parties only in the form of depersonalized statistics on conditions  of this Agreement.Data on the geolocation of the User may be used to create additional services by the Executor.

Support Service - authorized representatives of the Executor who are responsible for the appeals of the Users, deletes  the illegal content, provide additional information on the requests of the Users and ensure the fulfillment of the conditions of this agreement. An appeal to the  Support service by the Customer takes place due to such contacts.


2.1. The Executor undertakes to provide the User with the use of the Service and the Site in the extent and on the terms and conditions specified in this Agreement.

2.2. The Executor accepts and uses the Website and the Service on the basis of the tacit consent. The Executor does not guarantee that the Website and the Service will meet the User's purposes and expectations.
2.3.Any technical and informational devices and facilities
the use of which is inextricably linked to the functioning  of the Website and the Service are used by the User on the basis of this Agreement.
2.4.The Website is an information platform
in the part of creating the content creation by the Users, does not interfere with its essence and is not responsible for their actions, but may take reasonable steps to terminate violations of the terms of this Agreement.

2.5. Creating additional (derivative) web interfaces, sites and information resources within other web portals (including KP and local government) is an integral part of the Service and is governed on the basis of this Agreement.


3.1. Registration of the User on the Website is free, voluntary and is available  at the address on the Internet: https://animal-id.info.

3.2.  Enter to the online cabinet of the pet owner , and also use the entire functionality of the Website and the Service can only registered User.   The use of information materials from the Website does not require registration on the Website, but is carried out on conditions of this Agreement.

3.3.For registration, the User must fill in correctly and fully all necessary (mandatory) fields of the corresponding registration form. The filling of the non-obligatory  fields of the registration form is optional, but their filling can not be considered as a fact that excludes the acceptance of this Agreement.

3.4.While registering on the Website, the User is obligated to provide accurate and up-to-date information for the creation of the online-cabinet of the pet owner, including the unique for each User  username, email, password for the access to the Website.The Executor  reserves the right to change the registration form fields and require the User to enter additional information. In particular, additional fields concerning  the User's animals, their generic and species characteristics, and the order of their registration.

3.5.The user is responsible for the authenticity, relevance and completeness of the information provided during the registration, as well as its compliance with the legislation of Ukraine and the absence of claims of third parties. In particular, when entering the registration information about the animal, the user guarantees that it is relevant, corresponds to the condition of the animal, its parameters and characteristics.

3.6. When changing any of the data entered during the registration, the User should update them in his Online cabinet of the pet owner.On condition of any changes in the User's animal status (illness, death, alteration of sexual function, or any other data that actually illustrates the real state of the animal), the User is obliged to make changes in the relevant animal profile in his Online cabinet of the pet owner. If the User has several animal profiles in his Online cabinet of the pet owner at the same time, he guarantees that all the animals belong to him, their state and information about them comply with the conditions of this Agreement.

3.7.The Executor  reserves the right to restrict access to the Online-cabinet of the pet owner to Users who have provided false information, in particular, but not limited with such facts: the following false information has been published for commercial purposes; the User is not the owner of the animals the information of which he indicates, any data published for commercial purposes.

 3.8. The Executor does not accept any obligations concerning  the verification and modification of the information provided by the Users while registering on the Website.

3.9. For the security abidance, the personal data entered by the Users while registering on the Website is not transferred to third parties, except under the conditions determined by this Agreement.

3.10. The User is responsible for saving passwords from the Personal cabinet, email and other data.

3.11. After registering on the Website,Login and Password chosen by the User  have enough information for the User to get an access to the Website.The user has no right to transfer his login and password to third parties, takes the full responsibility for their preservation by choosing their own method of their storage. If the User does not prove the contrary, any actions done with the use of his Login and Password are considered to be committed by the appropriate User.

3.12. In the case of unauthorized access to the Login and Password and / or to the Online-cabinet of the pet owner and / or unauthorized distribution of the Login and Password, the User is obligated  immediately to inform the Contractor through the Support Service.

3.13.If the User suspects that any of his / her registration data, including the Login and / or Password, has become known to a third party, he / she has the right at any time to provide the Performer (Support Service) with a request for temporary blocking his Online-cabinet of the pet owner.


4.1.The Terms of Service are:
4.1.1. Familiarization of the User with the conditions of this Agreement;
4.1.2. Obligatory registration of the User on the
Website, receiving of requisites for access: Login (registration name) and Password (secret word).Registration can be made by the User on his own, under the conditions  of this agreement.Also, registration can be made by a representative of the KP or a representative of the veterinary clinic, which, on the basis of an agreement with the Executor, has the right to register Users. On conditions of registration by the indicated representatives, the User receives only the Login (e-mail indicated by him), and the Password installs by himself by going through the link received by e-mail.
4.1.3. The presence of the User's technical ability to access the Internet for use of the
Website and the Service.
4.1.4. Possibility of identification by the
Executor the User by the requisites for access;

4.2.The amount of information on the Website is determined by the discretion of the Executor.

4. 3. Claims concerning the quality of information on the Website and the order of its use have to be filed in accordance with the procedure established by the current legislation, or have to be filed in the form of a Claim-Application  to the Executor, which is concluded in an arbitrary form. The submission of the Claim-Application is carried out in the section "Support Service".

4.4.The Executor`s Support Service considers the Claim within one month from the date of receiving  the Claim and provides a written opinion on the results of such review. 

4.5. The Executor is entitled to admit the Claim (fully or partially) groundless or reject it (fully or partially).

4.6.The Executor reserves the right not to substantiate the rejection of the Claim.

4.7.The Executor does not guarantee fulfillment (satisfaction) of all requirements of the User, set forth in the Claim and is not responsible for such non-fulfillment.


5.1. The Executor has the right :
5.1.1.To make amendments and / or additions to the terms of the Agreement unilaterally without any special notification of the Users about making such changes and / or additions;
5.1.2. To close or
stop the functioning of the Website or any part of it, to change all Website or partially  without the prior notice of the User, to make changes to the information which is on the Website;

5.1.3.To do a preventive work for maintenance of efficiency and improvement on the Website.

5.1.4. To establish and / or unillaterally change the procedure of transfering the irrecoverable fee.

5.1.5.To change, transform, or improve the look  of technical devices (transponders) or any other items that are the part of the Service.

5.1.6.To implement new information sections, provide related services, and change  the configuration and / or name of the existing Website interfaces or components of the Service.

5.1.7.Independently regulate the legal relationship with any third parties that directly or indirectly affects the relationship between the User and the Executor in order to provide the Service activity and extend the functionality of the Website.

5.1.8.To store and process the information that the Performer  receives during the use of the Service and the Website.

5.1.9. To send electronic messages to the User's e-mail and / or SMS containing information about the Website, the Executor's services or advertising information, etc.

5.1.10. The Website and its interactive resources (comments, messages, etc.) are postmodern. The Executor  has the right to delete the comment and / or message of the User which is in violation on conditions of the Agreement. If the User does not agree with the Executor's actions, he / she is entitled to apply to the Executor(Support Service) with a substantiation of his disagreement.

5.1.11.The Executor  has the right to send the User warning, to restrict, to stop the access to the Online-cabinet of the pet owner , to restrict or prohibit access to the Website, and to take technical and legal measures to prevent the User from using the Website in case of:

 - getting the decisions from the regulated bodies of Ukraine which is obligatory for adherence.

- In case of detecting the fact of the violation by the User  the provisions of this Agreement and / or the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

- Doing by the User actions that have caused or are capable to cause damage to the Executor's business reputation

5.1.12. The Executor has the right to restrict the User's access to the Site in case of technical problems on the Website in order to eliminate the last. The Performer  takes steps to eliminate any  breakages in the shortest period of  time, but does not guarantee the absence of failures and errors.

5.2. The Executor is obliged:
5.2.1. To maintain the functionality of the
Website and the Service to the extent and within the terms provided by this Agreement;

5.2.2. Take measures in accordance with the current legislation to ensure the confidentiality of the information transmitted by the User, as well as information about the User and use of the Website and the Service by the User.

5.2.3. To maintain the permanent capacity and availability of the Website for the Users by all possible means.

5.2.4. In case of dissolution  of this Agreement according to the clause 10.5., the Online cabinet of the pet owner should be deleted within 5(five) working days.

6.1.The User has the right:
.To use the Website and the Service fully on conditions of this agreement.

6.1.2.To get the information from the Executor  concerning the usage of the Service in accordance with the procedure established by law;

6.1.3. To tell the Executor his wishes and / or suggestions for improving the work of the Website;

6.1.4. To get the information about the Executor in the amount determined by the Agreement and the current legislation of Ukraine.

6.2. The User is obliged:
6.2.1. To comply with the
conditions  of the Agreement;

6.2.2. To provide irrecoverable  fee to the Executor for doing his statutory activities in any amount at his own discretion.Under certain conditions, the amount of irrecoverable fee may be recommended by the Executor, but such information is of a purely advisory nature. The final amount of irrecoverable fee  is determined by the user independently.

6.2.3. To use the access to the Service and the information which he gets as a result of using the Service only for its own purposes, not related to the temporary use of the access to the Services or publication of the specified information on any web pages on the Internet or somewhere else;

6.2.4. Not to give an access to the Online cabinet of the pet owner or Services to third parties through electronic information systems, including through the Internet, in such a way that any person can get such access from any place and at any time due to their choice;

6.2.5. Not to violate the copyright of the Executor.

6.3.The User is forbidden:
6.3.1. To
do  any actions (including using software) aimed at violating the normal functioning of the Site;

6.3.2. To attempt to get an access the Online-cabinets of other Users by hacking, picking up a password or any other illegal means;

6.3.3. To transfer to third parties the data specified at registration (Password and Login), which can be used for access to the Online cabinet of the pet owner;

6.3.4. To download, store, publish, distribute and provide access or otherwise use viruses, trojans and other malware;

6.3.5. To use automated scripts (programs) to collect information on the Website and (or) interact with the Website and its Services; 
6.3.6. To carry out illegal collection and processing of personal data of other pe

6.3.7. To publish  advertising,information with the commercial aim , marketing materials or any other materials, links, widgets, and  images with the commercial aim.

6.3.8.To publish in any open resources, in particular, in social networks, forums information compromising, decriminalizing or in any other way causing direct or indirect damage to the Executor.


7.1. All things that are on the Website, program code, trademarks, as well as design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, videos, scripts, programs, music, sounds and other objects and their collections are the objects of the entirely  Rights of the Executor and other right holders, all rights to these objects are protected.Each of the specified objects can not be copied (reproduced), processed, distributed, displayed in a frame, published, downloaded, transferred, sold or otherwise used completely or partially without the prior permission of the copyright holder.

7.2.Nothing in this Agreement may be considered as the transfer of entirely  rights or rights to use for specified objects of intellectual property.

7.3.It is prohibited to copy any information from the Website without prior agreement with the Executor , except for the information directly sent to the User while using the Website.

7.4.Copying and placing on other resources any information from the Website may  be accompanied by a link to the source and may not contain information that violates the rights of third parties or that might mislead third parties.

7.5. The Website may contain links / references  to the Websites of the third parties that are not supported by the Executor. In addition, other Websites may also contain links to this Website.

7.5.1.The Executor  is not responsible for the content of these Websites, as well as he is not responsible for the very existence of such Websites or for any loss, damage or damage arising from the maintenance of these Websites.

7.5.2. Links to other websites are intended solely for the convenience of users, and do not imply the approval by the Website the data for such Websites or associations with their activity.

7.5.3. The Website does not take any obligations  and responsibility for the use of other Web sites, which the User visits and uses at his own risk.

7.5.4. The Executor may deny the third party permission to place a hyperlink to the Website. However, in cases if the Performer gives his permission to such a hyperlink, he is not bound by any obligation to establish reciprocal hyperlinks to a third party Website.


8.1. While  registering on the Website and using the Services, the User provides information about himself which the Executor is entitled to use to fulfill his obligations to the User. The User is responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the information presented.

8.2. By entering  your personal data on the Website, the User confirms that he does it voluntarily, and that he volunteers to provide them to the Executor for processing. In case, if the User does not agree with the conditions above, he does not have to register on the Website or must immediately delete his account and use the Website only for viewing.

8.3. By providing his personal data, the User guarantees  the Executor his voluntary consent to the processing and usage  of his personal data in accordance with Articles 2, 11 of the Law of Ukraine of 01.06.2010 No. 2297-VI "On Protection of Personal Data" (further - the "Law"), for the purposes , determined in this Agreement, as well as in order to support the functioning of the Service in various ways, including by means of automated accumulation and storage in databases, analysis of personal data, as well as their transfer to third parties and transboundary transmission, without limitation of validity. According to Article 8 of the Law, this consent may be withdrawn only in condition of notification of the User in the order  provided  in clause 8.4 of this Agreement.

8.4. If the User does not want his personal data to be  processed, then he must contact the Executor (Support Service)  with an Application written in an arbitrary form. In that case, all information received from the User is removed from the Executor's database, which prevents further use of the Website by the User.

8.5. The Executor  processes only those personal data of the User which were  on the Website. User's personal data is processed using the software, hardware and technical means of the Website.

8.6. The purpose of processing personal data of  the Users is to compile the Database of Users of the Website to ensure the functioning of the Website and further improvement of the Executor`s  Service for Users.

8.7. The User is obliged not to post on the Website personal data of other people  without their consent, nor to use personal data of other people in any way that does not comply with the requirements of the current legislation, for illegal purposes, in order to obtain the benefit and / or for any purpose other than those directly arising from the conditions of the Agreement.

8.8. The Executor  undertakes not to disclose the information received from the User.

8.9. It is not a violation for the Executor to provide with information the agents and third parties acting on the basis of an agreement with the Executor to fulfill obligations to the User. It is not a violation of obligations  to disclose information in accordance with the requirements of the law.

8.10. The Executor  has the right to keep an archival copy of personal data of the User and without the consent of the User to transmit such data to the state authorities, including the inquiry and investigation authorities, and to local self-government authorities for their motivated request; On the basis of a court decision; In other cases determined  by the current legislation.

8.11. The Parties are aware that as a result of the failure of the Website, virus or hacker attacks, technical breakages and due to other circumstances, personal data of the User may become available to other people. The User understands and agrees  that he will not make any claims to the Executor  in this case.


9.1.The Executor  and the User are responsible for violation of this Agreement in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

 9.2.Any disputes arising in  this Agreement or connected with it  have to be solved through negotiations between the Parties. If the relevant dispute can not be solved by negotiation, it has to be solved in court according to the established jurisdiction and jurisdiction of such dispute in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

9.3. The Executor  is not responsible for the consequences of using the information, incorrect usage of the elements of the Service (technical devices and subjects), incorrect interpretation of the data including (but not be limited ) to cases, if  the User provided the Executor with false information or did not inform about  some facts that are essential for the determination of the circumstances of the case or situation that required a solution.

9.4. The Executor is  not responsible for the consequences of entering the User incorrect information and / or choosing non proper usage, understanding of the information published on the Website.

9.5.The Executor is responsible  only for  losses of the User, which may be the consequence of the use of the Website.

9.6.Under any  circumstances  the Executor  is not responsible  to the User or to any third parties for any indirect, incidental, unintentional damages, including lost of profit or lost data, damage to honor, dignity or business reputation caused by the use of the Website , the content of the Website or other materials to which the User or other persons have access through the Website.

9.7. The Executor  is not responsible for any damage  suffered by the User or third parties as a result of a misunderstanding  of the conditions of this Agreement.

9.8. The Executor is not responsible for the accuracy of the information published on the Website by the Users and / or the correctness of the statements of the Users.

9.9. The User agrees that the use of his Login and / or Password to access the Personal cabinet of the User for the use of his Online-cabinet of the pet owner by other persons is a substantial violation of the conditions of the Agreement.

9.10. Any of the  Parties  is not responsible  for the non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the conditions  of this Agreement if it is caused by force majeure, that is, irreversible actions under the  circumstances of compelling force  that the Parties could not know in advance about or could not predict. Such circumstances include: fire, flood, earthquake, tsunami, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, landslides, mudflows, snow avalanches, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters; Wars, revolutions, coups, strikes, sabotage and terrorist acts, robbery, accidents in the energy supply and communication system, changes in legislation, actions of state bodies and their authorities, if these circumstances directly affect the implementation of this Agreement, and their occurrence is legally certified.During the activity of the  compelling force circumstances the parties have no mutual claims and each party assumes its own risk of the consequences of force majeure.

10.1. The Agreement comes into power from the moment the User has registered on the Website https://animal-id.info
10.2. The text of this agreement is open and public. The current version of the Agreement is published on the Website at the link https://animal-id.info/site/terms-use.
10.3. This Agreement may be amended and / or supplemented by the
Executor  unilaterally without any special notice by the Users about such changes and / or additions. All changes  come into power as soon as they are published. The fact of continued use of the Website confirms the consent of the User with such changes and / or additions.

10.4. The Executor may at any time and without notice to the User to assign his rights under this Agreement to a third party.

10.5. The User may terminate/break this Agreement according to his own wish by submitting the Application in any form to the Executor (Support Service).

10.5.1. Termination of the Agreement by the User does not oblige the Executor to indemnify the User  irrecoverable fee.
10.5.2. The Agreement
is considered to be terminated from the moment the Executor has deleted  the Online-cabinet (Account) of the User in the order determined  by this Agreement.

10.6.This Agreement and the relations between the Executor  and the User are subject to the legislation of Ukraine. Relations, that are  not regulated by this Agreement are regulated by the current legislation of Ukraine.

10.7. In case, if any of the terms and conditions of the Agreement are found to be void by any court or administrative authority of the competent jurisdiction, this will not affect the validity or enforceability of any other terms or conditions of the Agreement that remain completely valid unless other is determined by the legislation of Ukraine. 
10.8. This Agreement is concluded in Ukrainian, does not require the bilateral signing and is valid for the Parties in electronic form.